Genshin Impact Reveals New Character's Release Date in 1.3 Update Trailer

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo released a new trailer for the game’s Version 1.3 update that confirmed the release date for the patch as well as the date for when a new character will be available. That new character is Xiao, Vigilant Yaksha, a character who leaked previously, and he’ll be playable on February 3rd alongside a story quest that’ll be connected to an event beginning at the same time. Xiao has an affinity to the Anemo element and uses a polearm in combat which we got to see within the update’s trailer.

You can check out that trailer below for those who want to see Xiao in action alongside a preview of what’s to come in the rest of the event releasing in the 1.3 update. The “All That Glitters” trailer opens with news of the Lantern Rite event before eventually getting to a showcase of Xiao’s skills and some of the enemies he’ll face off against once the update is released.

Alongside the trailer for the update came a special livestream dedicated to the patch that went more in-depth with everything that is to come. Xiao was talked about there as well with more details shared on his availability come February 3rd.

“In fact, Travelers will be following Xiao through his very own Story Quest at the beginning of the Lantern Rite event,” the special program for Genshin Impact’s next big update confirmed. “Throughout the event period, Travelers as low as Adventure Rank 23 can unlock Xiao’s Story Quest without even using a Story Key.”

Once the Lantern Rite event has concluded, players will need to be at least Adventure Rank 32 to unlock the character’s Story Quest, so it’s best to take advantage of the event while it’s available.


Some of the finer details shared during the special program gave more insights into how Xiao will fit into a team. He’s the first character Ameno character who wields a polearm, and he’s got some unique combat moves that set him apart from others. He’s got an upwards thrust for his charged attack, but more importantly, he’s got a plunging attack that negates fall damage. That means that regardless of how high up you are when you use the ability, you won’t have to worry about taking damage on impact.

Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update which includes Xiao, the Lantern Rite event, and more is scheduled to release on February 3rd.