Genshin Impact Players Are Getting Free Loot Because of Some Character Bugs

A pair of Genshin Impact bugs involving two different characters caused some abilities to not work as intended, and because of that, players are getting some free in-game currency as compensation. Developer miHoYo addressed the problems with Keqing and Mona recently and said the issues would be fixed soon and that players would be given some Primogems for their troubles. The fixes are apparently taking a bit longer to release than initially planned, but they’re coming all the same.

A post on the Genshin Impact forums from miHoYo addressed the bugs the compensation players would soon get. Players will be awarded 100 Primogems for each bug, so 200 Primogems in total. It’s not a huge reward, but players hardly have to do anything to get it, so the prize fits the prerequisites.

The only restriction on the compensation is that players have to have reached at least Adventure Rank 5 before October 10th to be eligible. If you’re among those that qualify, you’ll receive a message in your in-game mail that’s good for the next 30 days to award you the Primogems. That mail was supposed to come out within hours of the bugs being fixed, but since they’re taking a bit longer to be resolved than expected, players will have to wait a while longer.

The bugs in question for those interested dealt with the characters Keqing and Mona and two of their abilities. When Keqing casts Starward Sword, the skill was not receiving Affix Bonuses from gear as intended. Mona’s Stellaris Phantasm ability was also issuing lower damage from the Illusory Bubble Explosion than intended. The fixes coming should correct both of these issues which means better damage outputs with both characters, but even if those higher damage numbers don’t mean much to you, you’ll at least benefit from the compensation gift.

Genshin Impact is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices.