Genshin Impact Stats Reveal Which Forged Weapons Are Most Popular

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo shared a new issue of the “Teyvat Times” this week to impart on the community some more stats from the game. Ranging from highlights of feats accomplished by skilled Travelers to things like how many Slimes players have killed over time, the stats covered a wide array of things Genshin Impact players can take part in. Part of those reveals also addressed how many weapons players have forged to date and more importantly listed which weapons were the most popular ones for players to forge.

You can see the latest issue of the Teyvat Times in the infographic below released by the Genshin Impact developer this week. Towards the bottom in one of the Teyvat Leaderboard sections, it shows how many weapons have been forged.

“According to the blacksmiths Wagner and Master Zhang, up till today, Travelers have forged a total of 18,519,657 weapons,” the note about forged weapons read.

In addition to that, we’ve gotten an idea of which weapons are forged most often. You can see those below, though they may not be too surprising to players who are in tune with the game’s meta and those who participate in online discussions about the game.

Most Popular Weapons to Forge:

  1. Prototype Archaic
  2. Crescent Pike
  3. Prototype Amber

Elsewhere in the infographic, it was frevealed that some players had a particular affinity to different claymores and have upgraded them relentlessly throughout their travels.

“A total of 167 crazy Travelers enhanced the 2-star claymore Old Merc’s Pal to Lv. 70 on their difficult journeys across Teyvat,” the news page said. “Another 89 ambitious Travelers enhanced the 1-star claymore Waster Greatsword to Lv. 70 on an even more difficult journey across Teyvat…”

End-of-the year stat roundups are common treats for different games’ communities that have been shared in these last few days of 2020. More stats like this will hopefully continue to be shared in the future so Genshin Impact players can keep up with other interesting accolades and figures as they progress further in the game.