Ghost of Tsushima Reveal Teased By Sucker Punch For E3

Ghost of Tsushima

With just about three weeks to go until the event takes place, developers and publishers are gearing up for the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Among them is Sony, who has big plans for the PlayStation with a number of its forthcoming titles including The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding.

But we dare not forget about Ghost of Tsushima. The project, in development over at Sucker Punch (the makers of the Infamous games), was revealed last year and received praise from fans and critics alike for its authentic samurai approach.

It's slated to be featured during Sony's pre-E3 press conference this year but Sucker Punch is going the extra mile to assure that its presentation is nothing short of memorable.

A member of the Sucker Punch team recently took to Twitter to tease what its plans for the show were. We don't see much in the photo it revealed, but it does appear that there will be a sword in play.

Now what could this sword be? Will the floor have some sort of King Arthur challenge where gamers try to pull it out of the block it's in to win prizes? Could it be part of a stage presentation for the game at the press conference? Or maybe it's part of a lucrative design for something on the show floor?

Whatever it is, fans are intrigued. We posted some of the best responses to the tweet below:

We're particularly fans of this Seven Samurai shoutout.


Needless to say, Ghost of Tsushima could be one of the big sleeper hits of the show. We certainly can't wait to give it a try.

The game doesn't currently have a release date but it's expected before the end of the year for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.