Ghost of Tsushima Movie May Be Black and White

The Ghost of Tsushima movie may be black and white. Video game adaptations are a very controversial topic. For the longest time, they were truly awful with a few mildly good ones to offset it all. However, in recent years the sentiment has changed as Hollywood appears to have cracked the code. The Last of Us is generating award buzz, movies like Sonic the Hedgehog are met with enthusiasm, and more and more gaming adaptations are getting greenlit with major talents backing them. One such project is Ghost of Tsushima with John Wick director Chad Stahelski. The director has risen in prominence in recent years for his expert handling of the John Wick franchise, showing he can blend amazing action with meaningful storytelling.

However, Ghost of Tsushima is a very specific kind of game, it has a distinct look and visceral action. Director Chad Stahelski has noted that he is aware of how important the visuals are in the game and wants to find a way to sustain that in his film, but he also noted in an interview with IGN that he isn't ruling out a black and white version. Despite the game being extremely colorful, there is a "Kurosawa mode", which makes the game look more like a black and white Akira Kurosawa film. Fans loved this touch and Stahelski noted that it's "definitely a conversation". Of course, this could just mean they do a black and white cut of the film for the home video release or it could mean select sequences are presented in black and white.

It remains to be seen how the movie will be handled. It sounds like the movie is still a ways away from actually releasing as there is no casting news and it's unclear if the script has been finalized. Stahelski is attached to a number of major movies, so it's unclear what's actually next on his agenda.

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