Ghost of Tsushima Reveals New Info & Photos at PSX

(Photo: Sucker Punch)

This weekend at PSX, Sucker Punch revealed new details about their upcoming title Ghost of Tsushima, including behind the scenes information on the unique process of developing the game. From in-depth research to mocap horses, the team -- which was represented by Associate Producer Ryuhei Katami, Creative Director Nate Fox, Art Director Jason Connell, and Animation Director Billy Harper -- worked with the intention of being respectful to the history and lore that the game was inspired by.

Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch’s latest title following the success of its other franchises, Sly Cooper and inFamous. The historical setting of feudal Japan includes real-world locations that fans got their first look at a while back during Paris Games Week. In order to deliver an accurate experience, world building had to begin with a spark -- and that spark was finding the voice of Khan. The team worked with another crew of developers from Japan, who were part of the fact-checking process to make sure that the game remained respectful and consistent.

One of the stand-out points of development involved the process of using horses for motion capture, which made for a few unique challenges. For example, the team had to follow the horses that they were attempting to mocap in order to catch any sensors that fell from their coats.

A good deal of the panel, which you can watch here, was spent on the development process behind October's trailer, and how the elements that we see in it are all important to the game's story elements.


A few other details that dropped included the tease of a Japanese voice cast, and how even the team in Japan under Katami has learned more about their country, given that Tsushima is a relatively small town.

No official release date has been set yet, but it looks like the game will debut exclusively on Playstation 4.