Last Major Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Is Adding a New Game Mode

Ubisoft is giving Ghost Recon Wildlands players one last major update, and with that update comes [...]

Ubisoft is giving Ghost Recon Wildlands players one last major update, and with that update comes a new game mode called "Mercenaries." It's a battle royale-type mode, an "experimental" one, according to Ubisoft, and it's being added on July 18th for free. Eight players compete against one another in the free-for-all fight where AI enemies are also present, and the objective is to reach an extraction point after calling for a rescue and then being the first person to make it to the waiting helicopter.

Having a battle royale mode in Wildlands has been a topic of interest for members of the community since basically every other shooter started adding their own variants, and while that phrase wasn't explicitly used to describe this mode, it certainly seems like it fits the bill. Players start out with only a melee weapon at their disposal and must scavenge for weapons and other gear to fight the Unidad units and the rest of the seven players. There are respawns though, so someone who's killed will come back, though they'll return without any of the loot they've acquired.

Upon being called in, this helicopter which will extract one winning player from the fight will become visible to everyone. By visiting its location and filling up an extraction gauge, one player will be declared the winner.

"At the beginning of the match, the extraction point is unknown and players will have no ranged weapons, gear or items," Ubisoft said about the new game mode. "Players will need to locate and activate radio transmitters to shrink the possible extract zone on the map. In the meantime, players will fight to be the first to gain intel on transmitter locations while looting gear, weapons and money. After the first player has activated three transmitters, the chopper will head to the extraction point and once landed, the location will be revealed to everyone. The first player to fill their extraction gauge and board the chopper wins."

Anyone who completes at least one of these matches will be gifted a Lone Wolf Costume for their participation. Those who win rounds of Mercenaries will also earn themselves some rewards.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the next game in the Ghost Recon series that'll follow Wildlands, and that game is scheduled to be released later this year on October 4th.