G.I. JOE Is Getting an Axis and Allies Game

A new G.I. Joe board game will be powered by the Axis & Allies game engine.

It's the crossover no one saw coming, as G.I. Joe will be getting an Axis & Allies game. At Gen Con this weekend, Renegade Game Studios announced G.I. Joe: Battle for the Arctic Circle, a new game powered by the Axis & Allies gameplay engine. This marks the first time that Axis & Allies, a game involving controlling various theaters of war during World War II, has had a licensed version. The new game will feature over 110 figures including iconic G.I. Joe vehicles, along with new strategic options pulled from the G.I. Joe franchise. Players can choose G.I. Joe or Cobra while battling for control of the Arctic Circle.

The game marks a unique expansion of both the Axis & Allies and the G.I. Joe game line, which also features a G.I. Joe: Mission Critical game featuring many G.I. Joe characters and a G.I. Joe tabletop RPG line. Renegade has been re-publishing Axis & Allies games, but this is one of the first new games to published with that license.

"G.I. JOE was the perfect fit for our new line of games powered by Axis & Allies. Now fans of wargames and the world's ultimate fighting force can come together for an epic experience," said Scott Gaeta president and publisher at Renegade Game Studios in a press release announcing the new game. 

Renegade Game Studios has several licensing agreements with Hasbro, including one to make games for G.I. Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony, and a separate license to publish classic games like Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, and Robo Rally. However, Renegade Game Studios only recently announced plans to mix both licenses together. Renegade also announced plans to publish a Transformers version of Robo Rally, which will also be released in 2024. 

G.I. Joe: Battle for the Arctic Circle will be released in 2024.