New Gloomhaven Game Gets a Title, More Details Revealed

The new Gloomhaven game has a title. Cephlofair Games announced that its upcoming Gloomhaven game will be titled Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, and will be released in the third quarter of next year. The new game is intended as a mass market version of Gloomhaven, with a lower price point, a shorter campaign, and four new characters that players will control throughout the entire campaign. The game will also include a "how to play" tutorial that teaches new players how to play Gloomhaven over the course of several campaigns. Cephlofair Games also plans to release the game through as of now unnamed big box retailers in addition to traditional hobby channels.

Gloomhaven, which is currently the #1 rated game on, is a fantasy-style campaign game in which players take control of mercenaries residing in a dangerous setting. Players play through a branching storyline filled with different combat scenarios, with players using a hand of cards to progress through small dungeons filled with dangerous enemies. One unique part of Gloomhaven is its focus on hand management, as players slowly lose cards from their hand over each scenario. While some cards unleash powerful abilities, most come at the cost of permanently removing them from your hand for the rest of the scenario, which cuts short the number of turns a player can take.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion was announced earlier this year as a way to present the game's unique mix of combat and campaign decisions to a wider audience. Players will control four different characters - the Human Voidwarden, the Valrath Red Guard, the Inox Hatchet, and the Quatryl Demolitionist.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion will be released in 2020.