God of War Director Discusses Game's Ending and Cliffhanger Potential

God of War has left players hungry for more with the previous games’ endings, and it looks like [...]

God of War 2

God of War has left players hungry for more with the previous games' endings, and it looks like the latest game in the series may follow suit with potential for a cliffhanger.

Speaking to the Daily Star, God of War director Cory Barlog was cautiously asked about the game's ending and what players could expect from the conclusion of Kratos' next story. Barlog didn't share any explicit details about what the ending would look like, so those who are concerned with spoilers need not worry, but he did speak to the possibility of a cliffhanger while also giving players some closure with a "natural feeling" ending.

Daily Star used past God of War games as a reference in their questions, specifically God of War 2 that ended on a serious cliffhanger. At the end of that game, Kratos was ascending Mount Olympus to take down Zeus and bring an end to his god-slaying journey, but the game cut off at its most climactic moment and forced players to wait for the next continuation. Barlog has spoken in the past about how he enjoyed giving players such an ending which begged the question of whether the next God of War will have a similar conclusion that hints at the next God of War game or whether it would be a more decisive ending.

"It's both," Barlog said. "So you get a bit of that and you also get the natural feeling of a conclusion to the game's story."

The director also doubled down on previous statements where he said that there would be a ton of secrets hidden in God of War. Barlog told the Daily Star that he's never hidden as many secrets in a game as the amount that players will find in God of War. Exactly what all of these secrets will consist of remains to be seen until the game is actually released, but Barlog told the PlayStation Blog recently that he's embedded secrets in what looks to be almost every facet of the game.

"I'm a lunatic when it comes to that stuff," Barlog said. "There are secrets and references hidden everywhere. And I mean literally everywhere: We're talking about physical packaging, menus, load screens when you hit the Options button, and stuff like that."

God of War will launch on April 20 for the PlayStation 4, but steer clear of any ending and secret spoilers leading up to that date if you don't want anything ruined.