New God of War Ragnarok Cryptic Tease Warns Players

A new and cryptic God of War Ragnarok tease has warned PlayStation players looking forward to the PS5 game. Speaking about the game's ending, which will wrap Kratos' time with Norse mythology, creative director Eric Williams noted that he and the team at Santa Monica Studios "want to have an ending that feels very... surprising yet inevitable." Obviously, this is quite vague, and of course, it's also unclear how a game's ending could be both "inevitable" and "surprising" at the same time. To this end, Williams also confirms that Ragnarok, as the title suggests, is indeed going down, noting that players should "prepare" themselves. 

For those that don't know: Ragnarok in Norse mythology is a series of events that include both a great battle and natural disasters that eventually lead to the death of a great number of the mythology's great figures, such as Odin and Thor. It concludes with the world submerged in water, which eventually leads to a new and fertile world to be populated by the gods that survived and two human survivors as well. For now, it remains to be seen how much creative liberty the game will take with this and whether it will be explored to its complete end. That said, it's easy to understand why Williams warns players to prepare themselves with this context. 

Not only do we know the game's story will have some surprises and lots of death, but it doesn't shy away from politics. Will the game be "political" or make a "political statement?" No, probably not, unless you're playing fast and loose with the definition of these words. However, while speaking about writing and politics, a writer on the game claimed that all writing is political. 

"As a writer, your job is to tell stories that are compelling & relatable," said Matt Sophos back in September in relation to the discussion about Angrboda's skin color. "You bring pieces of yourself to stories and your opinions shine through. So writing is *always* political-it's just usually only called that if the politics aren't agreed with."

God of War Ragnarok is currently in development for the PS4 and the PS5. At the moment of publishing, there's no word when the game will release, but the expectation is that it will drop sometime next year.