God of War April Release Date Confirmed, New Trailer and Collector's Edition Revealed

Shortly after reporting the retail leak earlier this morning, Sony decided to finally give us the [...]

Shortly after reporting the retail leak earlier this morning, Sony decided to finally give us the official word regarding the upcoming release! Studio Monica Studios is proud to announce that Kratos and his son's journey will officially kick off April 20th, 2018!

After months of speculation, and several retail leaks, the April window that kept circulating around about God of War has finally been confirmed giving fans of the franchise even more reason to be excited to see the new direction they are taking our favourite god slayer. According to the official PlayStation blog post from Cory Barlog:

"First, let me say that this is my favorite release day of my entire career. If I live to be 100, I do not think I will be able to top this release day.

There has been a long journey just to reach this point, so it's a little bittersweet to think that we are only a few months away from that journey finally coming to an end. While I am sad, I am also excited because it means everyone will get their hands on this crazy adventure we have been crafting for nearly five years!"

There's more to be excited about as well, because several of the games have been announced:

"So, April 20, 2018…mark the date on your calendar, people. Clear that schedule, tell your significant other they are wonderful, because that is always a nice thing to do, and then wonder what you will do with all that free time you have now that you don't need to keep asking me when the release date is.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of our game-making addiction. I will do my best to keep sharing information as we head towards launch.

…But wait, there's more! I'm proud to share our limited Collector's Editions and Digital Deluxe Edition, whose every component is connected back to the Norse universe and story of our game.

I should first mention, if you pre-order any edition (or already did) at a supporting retailer, you'll acquire these three legendary shield skins (which you'll need internet connectivity to access!) for Kratos to bash and defend against all manner of creatures we created in the brutal Norse wilds"

If you pre-order any edition at GameStop or EB Games, you'll also receive Luck of Ages XP Boost, which grants +10 Luck and has 1 Enchantment Slot.

Luck influences the following:

  • Increase XP gain
  • Increase Hacksilver gain
  • Increase the ability to trigger Perks

The Collector's Edition retails for $129.99, while the Stone Mason Edition comes with everything the Collector's edition does, but with additional figures, for $149.99. A Digital Deluxe edition is available for $69.99 that includes a digital comic from Dark Horse, mini-artbook, and a dynamic theme. To see everything about the different editions available, check out the official blog post here. There's TONS of info to be excited about!