God of War Sequel Story Details Seemingly Hinted at By Director

2018's reboot of God of War wasn't just one of the best PS4 games of the year, but it's one of the best games you can play on the PlayStation console period. And while its action, performance, and visuals are second to few, for many, it was the game's story that captivated and left a lasting impact. Suffice to say, PlayStation fans are eagerly awaiting its inevitable sequel, and where director Cory Barlog will take the game's story and Kratos' character development next.

If you're one of these gamers waking up everyday and praying for news about a sequel, well, today is your lucky day. Recently, the aforementioned director chatted with PlayStation Access about all things God of War and Kratos. And during the lengthy sit down, Barlog seemingly hinted at a story thread the game's unannounced sequel may explore.

According to Barlog, he's interested in possibly exploring the relationship between Kratos and his wife Faye. More specifically, how they met and their relationship that followed. However, Barlog suggests that before he explored this relationship, he wanted to add weight by having players know what happens next.

"The story of Faye and Kratos meeting -- there's less weight when you don't know anything that's coming ahead, right? Meeting her needs to actually feels like something.. that you already know the story that we told here, so that there's a greater weight behind who she is. She's got a mythology built up."

As you can see Barlog doesn't outright say future God of War games will explore Faye and Kratos' partnership further, but he does heavily suggest that's in the agenda.


At the moment of publishing, there's been no official word of a God of War sequel, which is likely still a couple years away, if not more. And this is a bummer, but if the sequel is as good as its predecessor it will be worth the wait.

"Most games aim to simulate a journey; God of War succeeds in actually taking you on one," reads a snippet from our official and glowing review of the 2018 PS4 exclusive. "There were moments following the credits when I'd simply open the world map, look at all of its diverse landmarks, and gape in wonder. "I really went there," thought I. I really did go on this magnificent and emotionally stirring journey, and soon you get to do the same.