New Godfall Details Compare PS5 Game to Monster Hunter and Dark Souls

The PlayStation 5 game Godfall was featured in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK to share new details about the game and liken it to some acclaimed franchises like Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. The game that’s only coming to consoles through the PlayStation 5, not the PlayStation 4, was first announced late last year with the developer, Counterplay Games, occasionally sharing more information on it since then. The newest details should delight anyone who’s fond of the franchises mentioned above as well as those who prefer their games to be full of combat and loot.

Details from the game’s appearance in the magazine have been summarized by those who’ve read through the feature already, but if you want to see the pages for yourself, the YouTube video below from the channel called Godfall 101 includes actual screenshots of some relevant pages. In those, you’ll see some of the game’s influences mentioned to give an idea of where the developers are pulling from to get the game right.

“The developer has referenced Monster Hunter: World in terms of gameplay, and an early demo of the game showcases the kind of weapon-based combat we’ve come to expect from series such as Capcom’s beast-baiter,” part of the magazine’s feature read.

Another part of the feature piece said the game “rewards aggressive play” and that players with offensive playstyles can look forward to “skill-based melee combat.” Godfall will also “likely encourage grinding for higher-level gear,” so players who seek that feeling of accomplishment by getting their best and most desired drops will have those chances in the PlayStation 5 game.

Along with the Monster Hunter comparison, it was also suggested that the game has a “heaving Dark Souls influence behind the melee combat.” That much was evident to those who saw the game’s reveal as well as a leaked trailer which was confirmed to be real but was apparently only an unfinished look at what the game offered.


Some developers who worked on Destiny 2 are also said to be working on Godfall. It was said not long ago that more information on Godfall would be releasing soon, though it’s unclear if this feature will be the only source of that info or if a more public display of the game is coming soon.

The game does not yet have a release date, but it’s planned to be released for both the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms.