GoldenEye 007 Fan Remake Shut Down by James Bond Rights Holders

GoldenEye 25, a fanmade remake of the classic 1997 Nintendo 64 video game GoldenEye 007, has shut down due to a cease and desist letter from James Bond IP holders MGM and Danjaq, according to the developers. As we first noted back when we reported on GoldenEye 25 in 2018, this was always a possibility, and the folks behind it seem to also have been aware that this could happen. But all does not seem lost just yet.

In the video above, the project's composer Yannick "GoldenZen" Zenhäusern breaks down what happened and what the next steps are for the team -- which is basically just using what they can to make something else. After the video was posted, the official social media accounts for the new project, stripped of all James Bond-centric elements, went up as "Spies Don't Die." While the spiritual successor will need to scrub all mentions of James Bond or 007 and anything that could get it into trouble again, a bunch of the basic components created from scratch by GoldenEye 25 creator Ben Colcough and company will be reused.

The original GoldenEye 007 released for Nintendo 64 back in 1997. GoldenEye 25 was intended to release, for free, in 2022 to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary. It is unclear when, exactly, the new Spies Don't Die might come out, but scrubbing it of all previously released IP and changing around various elements could mean that the team might be able to release it as a commercial product.

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