Grand Theft Auto V’s Space Mod Has Officially Taken Flight

Space. The final frontier. We’ve seen a number of franchises take to outer space over the past few years, some with more success than others. (Sorry, Machete.) That said, the Grand Theft Auto series has finally – yet unofficially – taken to space, with the release of a new mod that will take your mind to the stars.

Earlier this year, a development team named New Home Cinema announced that the expansion was in the works, but this week, it finally confirmed that the mod has, ahem, launched, providing a whole new take on how you’ll look at Grand Theft Auto V. And, no, you can’t steal a space shuttle – but who cares when you can explore the vast reaches of space and take on missions?

Grand Theft Space, as the mod is officially called, features three different moons to explore, along with 11 different planets that you can touch down on. There’s also a great story in place that connects all this together, though it’s not in the usual form of mission structure as you’ve come to expect from the game. Instead, according to the mod developers, it’s “more of a platform for experienced developers to integrate scripts/maps and other things into the DLC in order to create content and expand the community experience.”

On top of the launch trailer, which you can see above, a YouTuber by the name of Acepilot2k7 has posted a walkthrough of what to expect from the mod, including a full space shuttle launch and a hint of what you can expect from exploring the vast reaches of space. It’s really cool stuff, and you will have to keep in mind is that this was put together by a small team, and not the folks at Rockstar. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference, right?


Anyway, you can check out the mod for yourself here. It’s free of charge, and it really opens up the possibilities of mod development with a bunch of bold new ideas. We can’t wait to hit outer space and cause a little trouble.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PC. You can also get it for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – though the mod isn’t available for those platforms. Not yet, anyway.