Grandia I and II Coming To Nintendo Switch


If you were an avid fan of role-playing adventures in the 90’s (and honestly, there are a lot of you out there), then you may recall Game Arts’ Grandia series. It got its start in 1997 on the PlayStation before moving on to Grandia II for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000 and Grandia III for PlayStation 2 in 2005, with Grandia Xtreme and Grandia Online released as well. Good news, fans: the legacy is making a comeback, and on a platform you didn’t think would ever get Grandia games!

The publishing team at GungHo have announced that they will be bringing both Grandia and Grandia II to both the Nintendo Switch, and the original Grandia will also come out for PC alongside the already-released Grandia II. Release dates haven’t been given yet, but the games are likely to arrive sometime in 2019, though GungHo could release them sooner.

The games will be remastered in high definition, but we’re happy to report that the awesome battle system that fans have become addicted to will stay the same, so you can build up those awesome tactics and shine as a team once again!

GungHo also confirmed that it will be at PAX West in just a couple of weeks with a new demo for Grandia II HD, so fans can stop by and give it a look to see how it’s shaping up. The Steam version will be available, though no word on Switch.

Game Arts and GungHo previously teamed up to release Grandia II Anniversary Edition for Steam back in 2015, which has since garnered critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. So it makes sense that their partnership continue onward, this time for the Nintendo Switch. You can order the Steam version of the HD remaster here.


Grandia II is currently priced at $19.99 on Steam, so there’s a slight chance that this will be the same price for the Switch version, along with the original game. GungHo also might have a package deal that includes both games in one shot, though we’re waiting to hear official details from them. And who knows, we might even see a physical release down the road, because that’s the best way to collect JRPG games, right, fans?

As for Grandia III, we haven’t heard anything about that game getting a re-release, though it could be getting a re-release for PlayStation 4. After all, it recently did get a re-release for PS3, so anything’s possible.