Major GTA Online Exploit Finally Addressed by Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is finally addressing a major exploit in GTA Online. GTA Online has been going for almost 10 years strong at this point and while it has seen a level of success that very few other games ever have, it has also had its fair share of problems. On top of just general issues that games encounter, the PC version of the game has been a bit dangerous for years. It's prone to a lot more hackers than any other version of the game and has resulted in players being wrongfully banned due to all kinds of in-game manipulation, amongst many other things. It's a major problem and has pushed some players away from the PC version of the game.

Last week, it was discovered that GTA Online hackers had been using exploits against other players to modify players' stats/data or corrupting their account, resulting in permanent bans. It's a huge problem and given how long the game has been out for and how much time and money players have poured into the game, something like this can be absolutely devastating. However, after a few days of players demanding answers and action from Rockstar Games, the developer has finally acknowledged the matter. The developer stated that is aware of these exploits and is planning to properly resolve them in an upcoming title update. However, there is no ETA on when this update will arrive. Given the major ramifications of exploits like this, it can likely be expected sooner rather than later, but we'll just have to sit tight and wait.

As for now, you may be best to avoid playing GTA Online on PC until Rockstar confirms the update has been released and the exploits have been fixed. Although this may mean losing some valuable time with the game, a short break is probably better than completely losing your account due to hackers. It is some unfortunate timing given the developer just released a new GTA Online update to allow players to become taxi drivers, but at least it will still be there when things are fixed.

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