GTA 6 Setting Possibly Revealed By Rockstar Games

The current rumors attached to Grand Theft Auto 6 is that Rockstar Games is taking the next [...]

The current rumors attached to Grand Theft Auto 6 is that Rockstar Games is taking the next installment in the GTA series back to Vice City. In addition to returning to the setting of the sixth entry in the franchise, the rumors claim the game will take place across multiple regions, and will also have players heading to South America and possibly the Caribbean in between. For now, these are nothing but rumors, but they've been surfacing for awhile, suggesting that there is -- possibly -- something to them. That all said, recently Rockstar Games reportedly sent out Christmas gifts to its employees, a pretty standard practice for a company of its size. Included in this Christmas haul was various company badges that may confirm the aforementioned rumors.

Taking to Twitter, a Rockstar Games employee reportedly posted this holiday haul, revealing some interesting looking badges in the process. More specifically Rockstar Games apparently sent its employees badges with the Rockstar Games logo over top both the Jamaican and Colombian flag. As alluded to earlier, the rumors have been that the next GTA will take players not just to South America, but Colombia specifically.

Now, the Twitter account that reportedly posted the photo is now private, however, this was only after the photo started to make the rounds and was screengrabbed by many.

(Photo: Reddit)

Whether there's anything to this, who can say, but at the very least it's interesting given the context of the rumors. In the past, Rockstar Games has made a Jamaican flag logo and given it out to employees, but it appears the Colombian one is brand new. Again, whether there's any significance to this, nobody can know, but it sure is an odd coincidence if it is one.

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