GTA 6 Map Concept Is a Dream Come True for Grand Theft Auto Players

GTA 6 isn't releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X anytime soon, which means Grand Theft Auto fans are left with nothing but daydreaming, speculation, and sketchy 4chan rumors. In the spirit of this, one fan took to Reddit to share a concept for the GTA 6 map that combines previous locations seen in previous entries like GTA 5 and GTA Vice City.

More specifically, the map takes Liberty City, Vice City, Las Venturas, San Fierro, and Los Santos into one mega map that celebrates the series' past. The result is a map that looks nothing like the United States, but as you can see below, that's the idea.

As you may know, there have been rumors that a faux United States will be GTA 6's next map, but this seems unlikely. To do this while putting the level of detail that Rockstar Games puts into its worlds would be an impossible task, even if Rockstar's version of the United States was truncated and took some creative freedoms. That said, it's long been a dream of many players, and it's a concept many still hang onto.

(Photo: Reddit)

While there have been some rumors here and there suggesting GTA 6's map will be a replication of the United States, there's been far more rumors saying the game will primarily take place in Vice City (Miami) and take players outside the United States via the Caribbean and South America. There's even been a few rumors suggesting a dual-city map featuring Vice City and Liberty City (New York City) and presumably everything in-between.

Of course, for now all of this is just rumors, which means you shouldn't even bother reserving a grain of salt. The only thing we know about GTA 6 is that it's not releasing anytime soon. It likely involves Vice City in some way, but for now, this isn't worth taking to the bank.


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H/T, Reddit.