Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Is Far Away, Claims Analyst

According to one industry analyst, Grand Theft Auto VI's release is still far away. More [...]

According to one industry analyst, Grand Theft Auto VI's release is still far away. More specifically, the analyst claims the next installment in the iconic and popular series won't arrive anytime before Take-Two Interactive's fiscal year 2022. In other words, it won't release anytime before April 2021. The prediction comes way of Jefferies analyst Alex Giaimo, who recently gave Take-Two Interactive's stock a hold rating, meaning hold off on buying any of it. And Giaimo is advising this because he believes the publisher's next major release -- GTA 6 -- is still far away.

"Take-Two possesses the most high-quality content amongst the U.S. publishers, yet valuation feels full," said Giaimo. "We struggle to find a near-term catalyst to push the multiple much higher at these levels...Despite the undeniable success of GTA & RDR [Red Dead Redemption series], we believe TTWO is now in a 'soft spot' when considering the timing of the next release."

Now, of course, it's important to note this is nothing more than a prediction from a market analyst. It has more value than a random prediction plucked from the Internet, but it's still very much a prediction. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word from Rockstar Games about a new installment in the series. In fact, they haven't even confirmed it's working on a new entry, though everyone assumes it is because of how massive the series is, and how it'd be insane for Rockstar not to be working on a new one.

As you will know, Grand Theft Auto V is the second best-selling single game ever, behind only Minecraft. And when you factor in the astronomical amount of money the game made and continues to make with GTA Online, it's almost unfathomable how much money it's made for Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive in total. That said, it continues to sell and GTA Online continues to be a money maker for the company, so there's no real rush to get the next installment to market, which is why we may not be seeing it for awhile.

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