GTA Online: How to Turn Into Animals with Peyote Plants

One of Grand Theft Auto Online’s defining features is how it lets players pretty much do whatever they want, but there are still some boundaries to those possibilities. Those boundaries are being pushed even more this week thanks to the return of a unique feature that allows players to transform into animals. Rockstar Games has brought peyote plants back to the online Grand Theft Auto game as part of the seasonal festivities, but players will want to go look for them quickly seeing how there’s no telling how long they’ll be around.

Peyote plants have been around before in GTA Online, but they come and go infrequently leaving players only a short amount of time to take advantage of them. They’re available as a consumable item you’ll find when playing GTA Online and exploring the map with set locations guaranteed to spawn them for players to find. The map below from the GTA Online-focused Twitter account TDCandR shows where you can find the peyote plants.

These plants can turn players into a number of different animals, but you do have at least some level of control over what you turn into. As you can see from the different indicators on the map, collecting peyote plants from the land or near the water will have different effects and have two different pools of animals to choose from. There’s also the chance that you can undergo unique transformations under the right conditions.

Once you’re transformed into an animal, you’ll be able to play as that creature whether it be a dog or a deer or Bigfoot himself. Other players can interact with your character while you’re in an animal form as well and will see you as whatever creature you’ve become, so don’t think you’re safe from others just because you’ve been turned into an animal.

The return of the peyote plants is part of the larger Halloween-themed update that released this week. End dates were given for different parts of the event, but no date for the removal of the plants was specified. There’s a chance they could be gone next week when a new update drops and there’s a chance they could stick around for a while longer since they come back so infrequently already, so just to be safe, be sure you go find them while you can in case they’re removed soon.