GTA Online's Next Big Summer Update Adds More Missions and Modes

Grand Theft Auto Online is getting its next big update on August 11th when the Los Santos Summer Special adds a bunch of new missions, modes, and opportunities for player to obtain all sorts of rewards. Rockstar Games announced the release date for the update this week and shared some of the first details about it to preview what's to come. More information on the update will be shared as we get closer to the patch's release date.

Those who've been active in GTA Online for any stretch of time will know that there are always weekly updates and events to look forward to, but this Los Santos Summer Special update is different from those. Players will be able to take to the streets and the seas to check out everything included in the update that's spread out across different modes and areas.

"Galaxy Super Yacht owners will be able to engage in an all-new series of missions, either alone or with up to three shipmates," a preview of the update said. "Everything from deep-sea diving to high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas, there's action for sailors of all stripes. Between deliveries and sales, the upwardly mobile can take to the streets in new Business Battles in some surprising locations for serious rewards. The Diamond Casino & Resort will also see a range of Adversary Modes taking place on the premises."

There will also be "more than a dozen new vehicles" for players to pick up from the game's stores, and you'll be able to take them out on new races right afterwards to earn more rewards.

"Meanwhile, auto websites will be flooded with more than a dozen new vehicles to purchase, including rides for Benny to customize, off-roaders, tunable sports cars and a pair of new Open Wheel beauties," Rockstar said. "Push them to the limits in a series of new Open Wheel Races – or design your own street circuit with the new Open Wheel Race Creator."


Those weekly updates mentioned before aren't stopping either, so players will have those to take on as well after the big update drops on August 11th. Details pertaining to other improvements and bugfixes included in the update will be shared at a later date.