New GTA Online Update Is All About Bikes and Bonuses

Grand Theft Auto Online got another of its weekly updates on Thursday, and as is the case with most of them, there's a definite theme going on in this latest round of content. This week, the theme is bikes – riding bikes, racing bikes, and using bikes to make money. As such, Rockstar Games is giving players plenty of bonus opportunities when it comes to bikes and is offering discounts on related vehicles and more.

The biggest bang for the buck in this week's update comes from the Hasta La Vista mode where players have to ride bicycles around Los Santos while avoiding pursuers. Doing so successfully this week will net you three times the RP and GTA$ earnings.

"It's dangerous business riding a bicycle around Los Santos. Sometimes it feels like the motorists have it out for you," an overview of the featured game mode said. "Sometimes, they really do. Case in point: Hasta La Vista, the Adversary Mode wherein the cyclists must do their best to outpace, outmaneuver, and somehow escape a pursuing truck — or two. Survive, or end up a smear on the side of the road. Whatever the outcome, all players who complete a round of Hasta La Vista will earn triple GTA$ and RP, all week long."

Aside from trying out that mode, you can simply compete in some Bike Races this week for twice the rewards. If you're feeling lucky, you can try to win a motorbike that's featured this week within the Diamond Casino & Resort.

"Visit the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort and you'll notice that even they've gotten in on the two-wheeled action," Rockstar Games said. "In addition to the GTA$, clothing, snacks, RP, and mystery prizes, all those who spin the Lucky Wheel might roll away on the Principe Lectro, an agile little motorbike that yearns to catch some serious airtime."


This GTA Online update of course comes not long after Rockstar Games announced that it'd be delaying the release of the version of GTA V meant for the newer Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This resulted in the latest trailer being flooded with dislikes as people voiced their displeasure not only with the delay but a lack of incentives to purchase the Grand Theft Auto game once more. This week's update doesn't do much to remedy those frustrations since it's more of the same sorts of bonuses we typically get, but it's likely this content was already locked in previously. Perhaps in the next week or so we'll see something a bit more rewarding released in the weekly updates.