GTA Online Update Adds New Cayo Perico Content and Another Vehicle

GTA Online got another of its weekly updates this week, and this time, the update in question turned its attention back to the Cayo Perico island added in late 2020. The Cayo Perico Heist was the main attraction of that update back then, but in this latest patch, we've now seen new races brought to the island as well as a new kind of collectible for players to acquire. On top of all that, there's yet another vehicle in GTA Online that's available for players to add to their collections.

The Cayo Perico Series is the new feature that houses a series of races for players to tackle on the island. A total of 10 new races have been added which are all centered around the fortified compound found on the island. Those who participate in the races will get twice the GTA$ and RP as we've come to expect from this sort of thing.

When you get tired of races, you can scour the beaches of Cayo Perico to find "Buried Stashes," a new type of loot added in this update. You'll first need a metal detector to do so, but if you follow the treasure hunt till the end, you'll get more GTA$ and RP for your troubles.

"Stay frosty while combing the beaches of Los Santos — you might find a metal detector and a map leading to Buried Stashes on the island of Cayo Perico," Rockstar Games said about the new update. "Searching and finding these hidden hoards while scoping the island will reward you with GTA$ and RP."

Whether you're staying on Cayo Perico or not, you'll also have a new vehicle to check out courtesy of Southern San Andreas with the Declasse Draugur now available.

"If you're on the right side of the hood, it's a rough and ready dream," Rockstar said about this new vehicle. "If you're on the wrong side, it's a titanium-reinforced nightmare. Meet the Draugur — the bare-bones legend with extreme off-road capabilities. Summoned from the darkest corners of Declasse, the Draugur will get you to hell and back without a scratch. Or to your local Cluckin' Bell. Same difference."

GTA Online's new update with the accompanying Cayo Perico content is now available.