GTA Online Update Sounds Like Good News for Heist Challenge Progress

Wednesday is the last day for GTA Online players to work together in hopes of hitting the lofty goal of stealing a collective GTA$100 Billion from the Diamond Casino & Resort. That community challenge has been going on for about a week now ever since Rockstar Games announced the event last week and said players would have until November 18th to meet the goal, but during that whole time, there’s been no way to track progress on how things are going to see if players were going to complete the challenge or not. There’s still no tracker to speak of to see how close the community is to the $100 billion total, but the latest update from Rockstar Games on the matter is a positive one that indicates players are doing well.

The GTA Online creators tweeted about the Heist Challenge this week on the day it’s scheduled to come to an end. While Rockstar Games didn’t give any hard numbers on how much money had been stolen from the casino nor did it say how much was left to go, it did say it was “incredible to see the community smashing the Heist Challenge.” Rockstar advised players to keep up the work today which suggests there might be a bit more progress to make in the challenge, but it’s probably not much left if that’s the case.

GTA Online’s Heist Challenge asked a lot of the community, but not without putting up a potential reward as compensation for completing the task. Should players be able to work together as a community to hit the goal, everyone will get a free vehicle in December. What that vehicle will be hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s been said players will get a “special badge of honor” as an additional reward.

“Should everyone come together and hit the target by November 18th, we’ll reward the entire community at large with a special new vehicle, free of charge for a limited time this December,” Rockstar Games said. “All participants who partake in this week’s Heist challenge will receive an additional bonus – a special badge of honor for their efforts. Assemble your crew, plan your operations and keep an eye out for updates.”

Chances are high the community will hit the goal no problem. It seems like a huge amount of money, and it is, but it’s a goal Rockstar obviously would’ve set with the intent that it’d be reachable by players. Once the event wraps up at the end of the day, we should expect to see an update this week on how much money was stolen from the casino and what specific rewards players can look forward to.