GTA Online Update Gives PS5 and Xbox Series X Players Exclusive Content

With Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online now officially out and available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, users on those platforms are able to take advantage of things like faster load times and other promised enhancements. Those changes were only the start of the benefits for those playing on the current generation of consoles, however, with GTA Online's first weekly update following the new launch now available this week. That update brings three opportunities exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms with promises of "even more bonuses and discounts" in the future.

Rockstar Games reminded those playing on the newer platforms of the opportunities they have in GTA Online now at the start of its weekly update post. It said the weekly events brought on by these updates were getting "bigger than ever" now that the current-gen version of the game is out with each event planned to include a Premium Test Ride as well as a bonus rewards from Hao's Special Works modes.

For this week in particular, there are three incentives for those on the current platforms to look forward to all week long with each of those detailed below:

Hao's Special Works Race Series

"GTA Online players on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S releases who link up with Hao and prove their skill behind the wheel can sidle up to the starting line and rev their engines in any of the 14 tracks in the Hao's Special Works Race Series to earn Double Rewards, all week long."

Hao's Special Works Time Trial Bonuses

"Or drivers can see how their new ride fares against the clock — take on this week's Hao's Special Works Time Trial between Del Perro Beach and Murietta Heights to receive 3X GTA$ and RP — a total of GTA$750K for successful completion."

Hao's Premium Test Ride: Coil Cyclone II

"Drop by Hao's Special Works inside of the Car Meet on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for this week's Premium Test Ride vehicle: a souped-up Coil Cyclone II that stretches the terms 'street legal' to new extremes. Check it out on the podium to either test drive it or buy it on sight."

That's an easy bonus of GTA$750K as well as double and triple rewards and an exclusive test drive for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S users this week to tally up the rewards. Again, that's on top of the other discounts and bonuses available to everyone regardless of platform, so those on the newer consoles are already starting to see their purchases pay off.