Father Kicks Daughter’s Boyfriend Out Of House After Destroying Him At Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear Family Fight

Ask anyone that's been in a serious relationship what they have to be the most nervous about, and most people will tell you it's "meeting your loved one's parents." That's because you have concerns about acceptance with said folks, and whether or not you "fit in" with their family.

Well, one particular man took that to extremes this week, going as far as to challenge his daughter's boyfriend to a fighting game – and then practically kicking him out when he loses at it.

RocketNews recently reported this bizarre story, explaining how a Twitter user by the name of @Buppa_Stone put up the ultimate challenge for his daughter's new beau.

The girl originally brought her boyfriend over to the house to meet her family, with Buppa explaining, "My daughter just introduced her boyfriend to us."

Of course, that led to a slight bit of uneasiness, but then the father learned that he and the boyfriend had a common love – video games. "This punk kid says he wants to take me on in Guilty Gear, so I'm gonna teach him a lesson," Buppa tweeted. "I'm hiding out in the bathroom right now, but I'm totally going to show him what's what. Oh, and gamers like him who use the character Slayer are shits, so I'm not going to let him get away with that."

The two then mixed it up in a match of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, which is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC. "Let the holy war begin," he said as the fight started.

They went at it across several matches, but eventually, Buppa would overcome his young adversary. "10-6!!!!!!!! It's over!!!!!!!! We're done here!!!!!!!!!!!!" he tweeted.

"I've been playing Guilty Gear since the first game in the series (released in 1998). No way I was going to get beat by a junior high school kid."

With that, he proclaimed, "I've defeated him. He's not fit to be my daughter's boyfriend." And then he promptly threw him out of the house.

The rest of the family wasn't pleased with that, though, and didn't make him any dinner. "I got kicked out of the house, so I'll go buy some cigarettes and rice balls," he noted. He eventually returned, but without any food.


It's unknown whether the girl and the boyfriend are still together despite this father's "lesson" in Guilty Gear, but…c'mon. Putting a pro against a rookie is never a good idea.

Now, if it were Rocket League