Gundam Versus Adding Mobile Suits from Gundam SEED and Classic Gundam Games

Get ready, Newtypes: Gundam SEED and several other DLCs are coming to Gundam Versus next week. [...]

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(Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Get ready, Newtypes: Gundam SEED and several other DLCs are coming to Gundam Versus next week. Following the release of the Zeydra DLC and Atlas Gundam, yesterday's announcements from Bandai Namco delivered double the content with upcoming additions that include familiar mobile suits from Gundam SEED and two classic Gundam video games.

Yesterday's highlights include a batch of new additions from Gundam SEED, with a trailer highlighting the Raider Gundam and its pilot, Clotho Buer, coming to the game next week. The Raider Gundam allows players a wide range to work with, and comes equipped with a few deadly combos when the fight calls for an up-close and personal ending. Gundam SEED's Athrun Zala and his Aegis Gundam will be joining the fray via DLC on December 12th. Check out the trailer below:

Gundam SEED has a mixed reputation among fans, but the game's new DLCs include something for fans who love nods to the past. Other upcoming additions include the Zaku 1, which is something of a highlight on its own. Piloted by Gerhart Schmitzer (who might seem familiar to fans of the old PS2 title, Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front), the Zaku 1 delivers deadly-fast combos and gets a little more love in this trailer when it comes to showing off the mobile suit's capabilities. Facing this thing is no laughing matter, particularly because of its ability to soak in damage for a shield charge, allowing it to pull in for close-range attacks.

The Zaku 1 makes its Gundam Versus debut next week alongside the Raider Gundam, with the Aegis Gundam and a GM Sniper II (which belonged to the White Dingo Team's Pierce Rayer from Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes) going live on the 12th of December.

Gundam Versus is available now, exclusively on PS4.