Valve Confirms Recent 'Half-Life 3' Tease Was Just A Fake

Sorry Half-Life fans, but you've been duped. Yesterday, we reported on an email that was making [...]

(Photo: Valve)

Sorry Half-Life fans, but you've been duped. Yesterday, we reported on an email that was making the rounds where Gabe Newell appeared to confirm a new Half-Life game will release around 2024. The problem? Apparently, this wasn't the Valve co-founder, but just a troll who wanted to wastes everyone's time, torture Half-Life fans more than they already are, and give Newell headaches. Or at the very least, this is what Valve itself alleges, though I suppose you could always play the hopeful cynic and say it's fibbing, but something tells me that is definitely not the case.

Anyway, for those that missed it, yesterday an email was causing headlines, because in it, Newell confirmed a new Half-Life. More specifically, when asked by a fan via email if a new chapter in Half-Life would release before they die, Newell, replied, "Just don't die in the next five years or so [winky face]." At the time, the validity of the email seemed valid, especially with Valve News Network reporting on it, a YouTube channel built on Valve news and a channel that normally has good, accurate scoops and valid information.

In addition to the above sources, Valve also confirmed to PCGamesN that the emails were fake, erasing the best day Half-Life fans have had in years from existence.

That said, we know Valve has multiple unannounced games in the pipeline -- well, supposedly, you never know with Valve -- so it's possible that even while this email was fake, Half-Life 3 or a new Half-Life is in development. It seems unlikely given how long the series has been retired at this point, but there's a chance.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Do you think Valve will ever make another Half-Life game? If so, what type of game do you think it will be?