New Halo Infinite Leak Confirms Return of Halo 3 Vehicle

A new Halo Infinite leak has revealed that a fan-favorite vehicle that debuted with Halo 3 is returning for the upcoming installment in the long-running Xbox series. This week, an official Halo Infinite calendar leaked online, revealing a variety of details and artwork on the game. And within this calendar is the Chopper, also known as the Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle or the Brute Chopper, a vehicle that debuted back in Halo 3 as the Covenant Loyalist ground assault vehicle used exclusively by the Jiralhanae.

In the past, there was speculation that the Chopper was back, and now it's been confirmed, which makes sense given that the Brutes are back.

"The Brute Chopper is a heavily-armored, dual-wheeled assault vehicle, kept aloft by a gravity array under the seat at the rear and a massive double wheel in the front (which supports the vehicle's balance by its axis of gravity)," reads a blurb about the vehicle over on the Halo wiki. "The Chopper is best described as an 'anti-anything' vehicle. Its powerful 35mm auto-cannons can take down most light ground vehicles with ease, and the large blades on the front can instantly destroy any light armored vehicle by ramming into it."

Now, none of this has been confirmed, so it's unclear if the vehicle will be in the campaign or multiplayer or both. You'd assume the answer to this question is the most latter, but for now, we don't know this for sure.

Halo Infinite is set to release worldwide sometime this holiday season via the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's no word of an exact release date, but we expect this to change at E3 2021.

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