Halo Infinite Kicks Off Cyber Showdown Event

Halo Infinite has officially kicked off its new Cyber Showdown event this week in the game's free-to-play multiplayer component. While this isn't the first event that has appeared in Infinite since its launch in late 2021, it's definitely the biggest one that has come to the title so far this year. And while new pieces of gear for your own Spartan can now be earned in this event, likely the biggest addition to Cyber Showdown is an entirely new game mode. 

The new multiplayer mode that is now available within Halo Infinite is a variant of Slayer called Attrition. Rather than needing to reach a certain number of kills in order to win, Attrition has a shared pool of lives that you and your teammates must share amongst one another. "Attrition is a frantic new Slayer mode where lives are shared across your team. Each team has a limited number of lives—revive your teammates when they fall and work together to deplete the enemy's lifepool to finish them off," says a description via the Halo website. "Last team standing wins! It's classic, competitive 4v4 action with a unique spin on how you operate as a team."

While Attrition is one of the biggest features of Cyber Showdown, the new Event Challenges that have been added to the game will reward you with a number of unique items. Likely the biggest unlockable of the bunch is a neon-styled mohawk that you'll be able to equip to your own Spartan after obtaining. In total, 10 Event Challenges are present here in Cyber Showdown, with the completion of each challenge unlocking a new reward of that is exclusive to the event. If you want to collect all of these pieces of gear, you best start playing sooner rather than later. 

As a whole, Cyber Showdown is running in Halo Infinite right now and will wrap up on February 1. If you still haven't played Halo Infinite for yourself, the game is available for download right now on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC

Have you tried out Cyber Showdown for yourself yet in Halo Infinite? And what do you think of the new Attrition game mode? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on social media at @MooreMan12.