Halo: Infinite Being Developed By 343 Industries and Skybox Labs

When it was unveiled earlier this year during Microsoft’s E3 presentation, Halo: Infinite was a [...]

When it was unveiled earlier this year during Microsoft's E3 presentation, Halo: Infinite was a pretty big deal. But little did we realize just how big it would end up being.

The game, which is set to be the biggest thing in the series since Guardians dropped a while back, is actually in the works between two teams. 343 Industries is the chief developer behind Infinite, but apparently it's also enlisted the help of Skybox Labs, who previously worked on the EA Sports UFC games, along with the Halo 5: Forge mode for PC.

From the sound of things, SkyBox will be hard at work with the game's forthcoming Forge mode again, but will also be lending a hand in other areas. These include gameplay, AI, visuals and networking. Obviously 343 can handle the load by itself, as Guardians and Halo 4 proved. But it's nice to have a little help, especially if Microsoft is potentially gunning for a 2019 release date. (That hasn't been completely finalized just yet.)

343 Industries' Chris Lee did note that Skybox is heavily involved with the game's development. "343 Industries is excited to continue our partnership with SkyBox Labs on Halo: Infinite, with their team doing great work across many areas of our project," he said.

SkyBox chimed in as well, with Shyang Kong noting, "We have been working closely with 343 Industries on Halo projects for a number of years, and we're thrilled to be part of this exciting time in Halo's history."

So what does this mean? Well, there's a total of over 500 people hard at work on the game, with four fifths of that number coming from 343. Again, we're not sure if SkyBox is helping on multiplayer or other components of the game. But it sounds like they're going to be a great team for the franchise. Who knows, they might just team up again outside of Infinite, depending how things go.

Things have never looked more exciting for Halo, though it'll probably be a little while before we hear what's next for the world of Infinite. Still, at least there's forward movement, and that beats nothing.

Halo: Infinite doesn't have a release date yet, but, again, 2019 is likely for both Xbox One and Xbox One X.