Halo Infinite Release Date, Battle Royale Mode, and More Mentioned in New Rumor

A recent Halo Infinite rumor is making the rounds within the Xbox community, mentioning not only a release window for the game, but a battle royale mode, the game's ending, and much more. At the top, the rumor mentions that 343 Industries and Microsoft are aiming to release the game between March and June 2021, though at the moment, this date is far from final. Adding to this, the rumor claims the game only began its current iteration of development in 2017 after 343 Industries rebooted the project.

To accompany the release of the game on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC, the rumor claims a battle royale mode will be released in 2021, but it won't be from 343 Industries, which explains why the developer has refuted numerous claims that it's working on a battle royale mode for the sci-fi shooter.

Continuing, the rumor alleges that 343 Industries is going big with the game's post-launch support, which will be handled in a way reminiscent of Master Chief Collection. More specifically, it reveals that 343 plans to release four different "chapters" over the course of a decade, and this will be coupled with at least two spin-off games as well.

To realize this ambitious and extensive support, the game's engine -- the new Slipspace engine built specifically for the game -- will be updated throughout the 2020's.

Meanwhile, at launch, the game's main mode will reportedly be a 45v45 UNSC vs. Banished "redefined Invasion." From the sounds of it, the battle royale mode won't be available at launch.

Lastly, the rumor mentions that the ending for the game is not done, with 343 Industries torn between two possible endings and proceeding with caution as the game's ending will apparently have a "a major effect on the future of the franchise" going forward.

And this is where the rumor ends. Of course, take everything here with a major grain of salt. Not only does it come from an anonymous source, but it makes a lot of big, sweeping claims. While crazier and more dubious rumors have turned out real in the past, when a rumor has a laundry list of points, it's usually -- emphasis on usually -- an indication it's completely, or at least partially, fake.


Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC, and is currently without a release date or a release window, at least of the official capacity.

H/T, Gaming Leaks & Rumors.