New Halo Infinite Update Shared by 343 Industries

With March nearing its end, 343 Industries has today done what it always does near the conclusion [...]

With March nearing its end, 343 Industries has today done what it always does near the conclusion of each month and has released a new update on Halo Infinite. Although this latest update doesn't provide any new substantial details on the project (such as a release date, gameplay trailer, or other major pieces of info that some fans are surely pining for) it did give us more insight into one very specific area of the game's development.

In the latest edition of Inside Infinite, 343 Industries opted to hone-in on the audio work that is being done for Halo Infinite. Much like previous installments in this ongoing series, the blog post features a number of responses from those that work on Halo Infinite talking about their own area of expertise and what they're looking to do on the project. This time around, the audio team at 343 was given its time to shine.

The blog, which is quite extensive in its own right, features a number of both high-level and very specific plans that 343 has to implement audio in Halo Infinite. As a whole, the team has been collecting feedback from the community surrounding Halo 5 since the game launched, meaning that it has a whole lot of ideas on what fans are looking to see appear in Infinite.

Of course, since audio is being touched on in this blog, that means music is talked about as well. Arguably the most recognizable aspect of the Halo series, music has been vital to the franchise since its inception. And even though the composers working on the series have changed over time, 343's audio director Sotaro Tojima says that it's trying to exude a feeling of "hope" with the score for Halo Infinite. "The original games also had dark elements in their stories, but the music largely focused on the brighter side, which worked very well," Tojima said of the studio's goal to hearken back to some of the Halo gameS of old. Whether or not the soundtrack will be beloved in the eyes (and technically, ears) of fans remains to be seen, though.

Halo Infinite is slated to release later this fall, although a recent report has suggested that the game will arrive specifically in November. While this has yet to be substantiated, the title itself will release across Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC when it does hit store shelves.

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