Rumor: Halo Infinity Could Be Revealed At E3

Just the other day, Microsoft’s Matt Booty was talking about how some popular Microsoft [...]

Halo 3

Just the other day, Microsoft's Matt Booty was talking about how some popular Microsoft franchises needed to take big risks in order to move forward. That seems to be the strategy that the publisher is going with as we've heard rumors that we'll see three new Gears of War games announced during next week's press conference.

But that's not the only franchise that could be making waves at the event. Along with a possible announcement for Halo 6 next year, it seems Microsoft may be moving forward with a new entry in the long-running sci-fi series under the name Halo Infinity.

The project was outed by Brad Sams, who serves as an editor for In the past, that site has accurately reported Microsoft rumors that have come true although they aren't quite 100 percent in terms of its predictions. But Sams said that Infinity could be making its debut at the event. You can see his tweets below.

Of course, we can't confirm the project since it's pretty much just based on "word the street," so take it with a grain of salt. But the idea of a Halo side game arriving before Halo 6 would be beneficial for Microsoft this year.

But the real question is just what kind of game Infinity is. We've already seen strategy games with the Halo Wars series so that idea may likely be out. Perhaps a new entry along the lines of Halo: Reach? Or a new fantasy/role-playing style game that digs deeper into the lore of the Halo saga? For that matter, dare we suggest a Battle Royale style game set within the series' universe? It could literally be anything at this point.

Whatever Microsoft has planned, it'll be showing it off this Sunday during its much-hyped E3 press conference which will take place right before its two-day showcase. There we'll be able to see if these Gears and Halo rumors are true, and if the games are possibly coming this year.

We'll bring you full coverage from the press conference as it happens, so be sure to check back!