Paramount+'s Halo Releases Halo Primer Video

Halo just got a helpful explainer video from Paramount+. Although the series is old enough to drive at this point, a lot of people's first exposure to the saga of Master Chief will be in this television series. To help these new fans out, the video lays out what the stakes are headed in and how the world rendered in Halo came to be. This way, you wouldn't need to play through one of the Xbox games or have kept close tabs on everything that's happened with this franchise since it's inception in 2001. Along with that notion is the fact that the series is doing it's own thing when it comes to the protagonist and his place in this conflict. Clearly, something is working because people have taken to Halo in a surprising way. Paramount+ has touted the debut of the show as the most-watched series on the service.

"Bringing Halo to life as a streaming series has been one of the most rewarding efforts for Paramount+ to date and we could not be more thrilled at the massive fan response to the series' debut," said Giles. "Along with our phenomenal partners at Showtime, 343 Industries and Amblin Television, we cannot wait for fans to experience more of this incredible universe."

Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill talked to about how perfect Pablo Schreiber is to play the role of Master Chief. It's a clear break from the world of the games, but one that makes a lot of sense with the switch to a different medium.

"I will say that objectively was a fan of his work before he was proposed for this role and loved the idea from the get go," Wolfkill said. "And after meeting him, he is an incredibly committed and passionate person. And he was so excited and curious about the character and curious about the things that people love about the character. And there was such an intensity and such a focus in how he approached bringing Chief to life. But also he has the ability to project both strength and vulnerability at the same time." 

"And that was so critical for the John part of the Master Chief character. And he has incredible physicality," they continued. "You see him in Den of Thieves, right? And his ability to move with precision and incredible muscle control and spatial awareness is super important to being able to both wear the suit well, move in the suit well, but also to act through the suit. So it really was the perfect melding of physical and creative intellectual."

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