Halo Producer Kiki Wolfkill Speaks Out on the Arbiter's Debut in the Paramount+ Series

The first episode of Halo is now live on Paramount+, and a lot of fans are naturally wondering what content from the Xbox games will make its way into the show. In an interview with ComicBook.com's Joe Schmidt, producer Kiki Wolfkill was asked about the possibility of fan-favorite characters like Arbiter appearing in the series. Wolfkill did not directly address the possibility of Arbiter appearing, but she did say that the producers and 343 Industries are looking for ways to draw from the existing Halo canon to enrich the world of the streaming series. 

"What I would say is, again, we always come from a place of canon. And even though the silver timeline is a branch and canon adjacent in some places, part of the amazing thing of working in this universe is you do have these amazing characters to draw from. And so we're absolutely always looking for ways where we can bring in some of these characters that we love in a way that also enhances the story and builds on the story, or even becomes the focus of some of the story points. And there's also, we learned a lot it from season one, and we'll continue to, and we take that forward. So there's places where we want to spend more time with some of the characters in season one than we might have," said Wolfkill.

The "silver timeline" is separate from the Halo canon that exists in the video games, comic books, and novels. When 343 Industries first confirmed that the series would take place in a separate timeline, part of the provided rationale was that it would give the producers freedom to bring in obscure elements established in the expanded universe, while also allowing them to diverge in other ways. A current fan theory posits that one Elite we've seen might actually be Thel 'Vadam. Fans shouldn't put too much stock into that theory just yet, but Wolfkill did not debunk the possibility.

"I love these theories," said Wolfkill. "And here's what I will say about Halo fans. They're often right. It's amazing. But not always. It's a strong theory, a strong theory."

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