'Halo: Reach' Is Being Considered for 'The Master Chief Collection'

Halo: Reach has a chance at being included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with 343 [...]

Halo: Reach has a chance at being included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with 343 Industries saying that it's well aware of players' requests to see the sixth Halo game added to the bundle.

The Master Chief Collection already has over five different Halo products rolled into one bundle with everything from Halo 2 to newer games included, but the 2010 game Halo: Reach that was released for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One isn't part of the collection. Mentioning the game in the update notes for the sizeable Master Chief Collection update that was released on Monday, 343 Industries acknowledged players' questions about the game and said that while it can't and hasn't committed to anything yet, Halo: Reach is part of a "long list" of things to consider.

"And yes, when it comes to future features, the team is definitely aware that many, many players are very eager to see Halo: Reach added – we don't have anything to announce or commit to right now, but it's on the long list of things the team is constantly evaluating and thinking about for possible future updates," 343 Industries said regarding its future plans.

The talk about Halo: Reach's potential inclusion in The Master Chief Collection is far from a confirmation, but it's a positive sign for anyone who favored the game over other installations in the Halo series that it could one day become part of the collection that spans several years' worth of games. Outside of adding entire games to the collection, 343 Industries said that it's also looking at making more quality-of-life improvements while adding more features, one of those being a custom game browser that's currently being worked on.

"This first update is a huge milestone that dramatically improves and enhances MCC – but the team isn't planning to stop. An oft-requested feature, a Custom Game Browser, is on the agenda as are a variety of additional quality of life improvements and additional fixes (based on both current known issues and new issues that arise after this update is out in the wild). We'll be monitoring game data and feedback regularly so please let us know what you think!

Discussions about features and games to come were had amid the talks of the latest patch that the game received, one that prepares it for its debut on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be free for all Game Pass subscribers on September 1 with Xbox One X enhancements that are detailed here.