Almost 500 Hours Later, Man Finally Beats Ludicrously Hard Mario Maker Stage Live on Camera

One man's epic quest to upload the hardest Super Mario level has finally come to an end. After [...]

One man's epic quest to upload the hardest Super Mario level has finally come to an end. After over 400 hours of practicing the stage and running the stage, YouTuber "Failstream" has finally beaten his own creation and uploaded it to the Super Mario Maker servers for others to attempt. You can watch the closing minutes of his epic stream right here. If you want to see the very end, where he finally clears the stage, you can skip to the 5:10 mark. His reaction and elation are pretty wild:

That is the face of a man who has finally been vindicated. That is the joy of a person has has sunk almost 500 hours into the creation and mastery of a single video game stage, simply because he can. It may seem silly and pointless, but it isn't. This is just a seemingly silly outlet and example of a very serious and admirable human drive; the drive to achieve the impossible.

For those of you wondering why he would even bother beating the stage at all, that's a Super Mario Maker feature. If you create an obscenely difficult stage, Nintendo forces you to beat it yourself before you're allowed to upload it for others to try. This prevents people from creating stages that actually are impossible to beat. Creating a tough stage to troll the world is one thing, wasting everyone's time by creating a stage that has no true end is another. This man set out to do the former, and he finally mastered his own monstrous creation.

You can see from the chat stream on the right that his audience was just as happy. These people have clearly been following Failstream for a long time as he attempts to clear his stage. It's mind-boggling how casually and absent-mindedly he was able to breeze through the beginning portions of the stage. All of it looks stupid hard, but he's obviously gone through it so many times it's just become muscle memory.

There's your morning inspiration. Failstream beat his Mario Maker stage, so go out there and write that book, or cure cancer, or terraform a new planet... or whatever it is you're wanting to do.