'Hellboy' Characters Are Coming to 'Brawlhalla'

Characters from the new Hellboy movie include the big red hero himself will be added to Blue [...]

Characters from the new Hellboy movie include the big red hero himself will be added to Blue Mammoth's Brawlhalla fighting game in April, Ubisoft announced on Friday. Ubisoft's announcement said the release of the new characters was a celebration of the new Hellboy movie that's scheduled to release next month as well and was made possible by a partnership with Lionsgate and Millennium Media. Artwork released alongside the announcement that can be seen below shows what the characters will look like in the game.

Hellboy, Nimue, Gruagach, and Ben Daimio are the four characters that'll be added to Brawlhalla in April, according to Ubisoft's announcement, though the exact release date of those fighters wasn't revealed. The Hellboy movie is slated to hit theaters on April 12th though, so Brawlhalla players can likely expect to see the characters around that time.

Brawlhalla comes from developer Blue Mammoth, a studio which was acquired by Ubisoft last year. The fighting game already boasts a roster of more than 40 original characters with Rayman being one of the more notable characters in the lineup, though that might change when Hellboy was added. While many people are likely familiar with Mike Mignola's half-demon hero, some of the other characters might be more obscure. You might've seen some of them recently though if you've been paying attention to characters showcased in movie teasers, Gruagach being one character who was teased not long ago.

More information on the new Hellboy movie reboot has been trickling out steadily ahead of its release through posters and other details like the runtime of the film. The movie's expected to be a violent one with an "R" rating that'll see Hellboy chopping off some heads and bathing in blood, according to David Harbour, one of the starts of the movie.

A trailer for the new Hellboy movie can be seen at the top, and you can expect to see the full movie release next month on April 12th.


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