Henry Cavill Attached to Star and Produce New Warhammer 40K Series for Amazon

We may be getting a Warhammer 40K movie starring Henry Cavill series in the near future. If you've somehow missed all of the news, it's been a real whirlwind for Henry Cavill since October. With the release of Black Adam, it was confirmed Cavill would be returning as Superman in future DC movies. He subsequently left The Witcher around the same time with many speculating this was because he wanted to free up time to be a superhero once again and was unhappy with the creative team behind the show. However, it was confirmed last night that James Gunn is writing a new Superman movie and Henry Cavill will not be returning anymore. His time as the character is done, basically leaving the mega star without any kind of recurring role or franchise to be attached to.

Immediately, fans began speculating about what Henry Cavill's acting career looks like going forward. Some suggested that someone should do a Warhammer 40K adaptation as Cavill is a major fan of that IP and it sounds like that could be possible. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Amazon is in final stages to secure the rights to Warhammer 40K. Should the deal close, Henry Cavill is will executive produce and star in a TV series of the beloved franchise. It's worth noting these discussions could fall apart in the eleventh hour, but it sounds pretty close to being a done deal.

Of course, Amazon has a lot of money to play with and has shown it is not shy about investing it into its TV shows and movies. Only time will tell if this happens. Given Amazon doesn't have the rights yet, it's likely there probably isn't any kind of script or story yet and there won't be for quite some time. Amazon is also working on an adaptation of God of War, so it is knee deep in bringing these big franchises to life via TV shows and/or movies.

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