Here’s Why LawBreakers Isn’t On Xbox One (Yet)

The team over at Boss Key Productions shook things up during the Electronic Entertainment Expo [...]


The team over at Boss Key Productions shook things up during the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week when it announced that LawBreakers was set to unleash its multiplayer fury on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 8th for the low price of $29.99. But some Xbox One owners were wondering why they wouldn't get a turn.

Cliff Bleszinksi, the founder of the up-and-coming studio, did note that the Xbox One version would still be on the map, but he's since provided additional comments, speaking with IGN, about why the game isn't coming out on that platform alongside the others during the launch period.

"Xbox fanboys got really salty at me on Twitter, like, 'It's like you're turning your back on the box that built your career with Gears. And I'm like, not necessarily, because my first priority to me is my employees. I have 65 employees, many of whom have families, and I need to keep the lights on. When we looked at the fact that we could only ship on one console initially, PlayStation has the huge install base. That doesn't mean that we can't do an Xbox version later, or Xbox XOXO, or whatever they're calling it these days. I wouldn't rule it out."

So it could come down the road, but focus right now is on the PC and PS4 versions. PC will be getting some love first, with a closed beta kicking off on PC starting June 28th, and then launching into an open beta on June 30th through July 3rd. There's no word yet on when to expect a PS4 beta, but there's a possibility that one could be announced before it's released on that platform later this summer.

And Bleszinski has already made clear that this won't be a "bullshit" beta, instead a real, non-promotional one where feedback and information will be taken to make the game better in time for launch.

It sounds like Boss Key is going in the right direction when it comes to making sure that LawBreakers performs up to speed on PlayStation 4 and PC. As for Xbox One, well, at least there's always Overwatch and those other multiplayer games, right?