Dive Into Tabletop Superheroics With Heroes of the Cypher System

Monte Cook Games is bringing the superhero genre to their Cypher System with a new Kickstarter. [...]

Monte Cook Games is bringing the superhero genre to their Cypher System with a new Kickstarter. Heroes of the Cypher System is a new line of tabletop RPG books that integrate superheroes into Monte Cook Games' popular Cypher System roleplaying game engine. A Kickstarter, which ends today and has already reached 400% of its funding goal, will fund the production of three new books that provide players with the tools they need to build their own tabletop RPG world filled with superheroes. The new books include Claim the Sky, which introduces the classic superhero-inspired Boundless setting along with adding rules and options for the many facets and subgenres of superhero tales, First Responders, which presents rules and options for heroes that respond to mega-challenges like earthquakes or hurricanes, and The Origin, which presents a grittier side of the superhero genre by adding a campaign setting for a world where superheroes are not a fact of life.

The Cypher System is a flexible, narrative-focused rules system that can adapt to multiple genres and styles of play. Players build a character using the foundation of a three part sentence (such as a "Rugged Warrior who Stands Like a Bastion") which provides the basis of their character abilities and skills. Players also gain cyphers throughout the campaign, single-use abilities that are frequently spent and earned. Every backer level pledge of the campaign will also come with a PDF of the complete Cypher System Rulebook, the base rulebook for the Cypher System so that any player can jump right into the game.

Given the prominence of superhero TV shows and movies, and the relative lack of superhero TTRPGs, Heroes of the Cypher System seems like a great way to bring the superhero genre home to your table. You can check out the Kickstarter (which ends on Friday, December 11th at 8 PM) for additional information.