Hideo Kojima Xbox Game Reportedly Reveals New Details

Reports and rumors have circled in recent months that famed game developer Hideo Kojima is currently in the early stages of working on a new project with those at Xbox. While a formal announcement from Kojima and Xbox regarding this collaboration hasn't yet come to light, thanks to a new report, it seems like we now have a better idea of what stage this potential project is at. Unfortunately, assuming that this report is accurate, it seems like it might still take quite a bit of time until the game itself is announced. 

According to a new article from GamesBeat, Xbox is still trying to finalize a deal with Kojima and Kojima Productions to work on a new game in the future. When we last heard about the status of this project a few months back, Kojima was said to have merely signed a letter of intent to work with Xbox. And while that was a major milestone in the ongoing conversations between Kojima and Xbox, a formal deal still needed to be agreed to. At this point in time, it sounds like such a deal still hasn't been struck. 

In the interim, Xbox is said to be trying to learn from some of its other partnerships to better inform this upcoming project with Kojima. Specifically, Xbox is said to be collaborating with studio Mainframe right now on a Cloud-based MMO that could be playable on a number of different platforms. In the past, Kojima has expressed interest in Cloud technology, specifically when it comes to developing new games. As such, Xbox is supposedly hoping that it can better start to learn how to work with developers when it comes to using the Cloud tech that Microsoft offers up. As the company better learns how to implement this feature in future projects, perhaps Kojima will be swayed to sign a formal deal to work with Xbox. 

Do you think that this game with Hideo Kojima and Xbox is bound to happen in the future? And if so, when do you think that we might hear about it? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on social media at @MooreMan12.