Hitman 2 Reveals September Roadmap

Plans for this month's Hitman 2 content have been revealed by IO Interactive with a new roadmap breaking down what players will see throughout September. New Escalation Contracts, another Legacy Elusive Target, and some Expansion Pass content in the form of a new location called Haven Island and more will be released throughout the month. Everyone will also receive a major game update near the end of the month when some of this Expansion Pass content is released that'll update some features and fix issues.

The video above which was shared by IO Interactive when the roadmap was released gives a visual for the month's content that starts with two Escalation Contracts that are already available. Released on September 5th, the two Escalation Contracts are "The Dalton Dissection" and "The Covert Dispersal." The first of these contracts has Agent 47 donning all kinds of different disguises while the second sees him crashing a garden party.

"The Dalton Dissection is a 3-stage Escalation Contract that has 47 starting with a restricted loadout, and cannot change disguise from the (lovable?) bank robber disguise," IO Interactive said about the new Escalation Contract that's now available. "Expect this one to ramp up and fast. With new complications, targets and restrictions added, you'll be bouncing around the bank as a bunny before you begin to believe it."

For players who have the Expansion Pass, you'll see some exclusive content released towards the end of the month. Two new Special Assignments will be released on September 24th, and on the same day, another sandbox location will be available to follow up events from the previous mission in New York.

"Haven Island (The Resort) is a brand new sandbox location that welcomes players to the warm beaches and tropical paradise of The Maldives," the roadmpa said. "This latest installment picks up directly after the events in the previous mission (New York) and brings an exciting conclusion to the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass content."

The same day that the Expansion Pass content is released will also bring the game update for all players that'll include "range of improvements and fixes to all aspects of the game," according to the roadmap.