Horizon Forbidden West Players Unhappy With Aloy Problem

Horizon Forbidden West is out on PS4 and PS5, and it seems poised to be another sizeable success for Guerrilla Games and PlayStation. We don't have any sale figures yet, but over on Metacritic the game has earned an impressive score of 88, and social media impressions suggest the Internet is enjoying the long-awaited sequel. That said, it's not a perfect game. The game doesn't have any game-breaking issues, but it does have some that are vexing players. For example, everyone hates Aloy's hair. 

Hair physics is one of the hardest things in-game development. Bravely, Guerilla Games attempts to give Aloy realistic hair rather than play it safe. Unfortunately, it didn't achieve its vision. If you've played Horizon Forbidden West, you'll know Aloy's hair physics often break immersion. Not only is her hair over-animated and constantly moving more than it should, but sometimes it's moving when it's not even supposed to, like when she's inside and sitting still. 

Thankfully, to an extent, this can be fixed with a patch, but so far it hasn't been. And until it does, players on PS4 and PS5 are complaining about the problem on social media. 

Horizon Forbidden West is available via the PS4 and PS5. Right now, there's no word of a PC port, but its predecessor is available on the platform, so expect this to change, though it may take a couple of years.

"Horizon Forbidden West, by most counts, is another strong release for Guerrilla Games and PlayStation," reads a snippet of our review of the game. "This is very much a sequel that just looks to go bigger and better than its predecessor, and in that regard, it very much achieves what it sets out to accomplish. Although I wanted more from the story and the game's general structure is very much the same when compared to Zero Dawn, fans who loved the last title should still love the adventure that this follow-up takes you on."

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