Gameplay from Horizon Multiplayer Game Leaks Online

Gameplay from what's said to be a multiplayer project in Guerrilla Games' Horizon universe leaked online this week to show off a somewhat unexpected direction for the acclaimed series. The gameplay in question consists of just over 12 minutes of footage presenting a decidedly different style compared to what's seen in the mainline Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West games. We know already that Guerrilla Games is indeed working on a multiplayer project set within this Horizon universe, but the developer of course hasn't said anything yet about this particular leak.

Footage seen here was shared within the Horizon subreddit with the poster saying that this was a "Very Early in-dev" look at the alpha version of the multiplayer game. It opens with a character missing half of their body to show that this is very much in-progress before showing another character hanging out at what's presumably a base camp of some sort. The characters switch back and forth throughout the gameplay to show what some of the options are in terms of customizations.

[Very Early in-dev] Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Alpha's Multiplayer from horizon

At more than one point in the video, a pause menu is pulled up to show a couple of different types of quests and other menus for players to peruse. You've got your main quests and side quests, some errands to run for others, outposts to perhaps clear, and Tallnecks that likely need to be climbed to give an idea of what some of these quest categories will look like.

One of the things onlookers were quick to point out was what the game looked like compared to the main Horizon games. Some called it "cartoonish" while others compared it to something like Fortnite or Sea of Thieves. You can draw your own conclusions based on the gameplay shown, but the movement and style of the character models do seem more akin to those sorts of games.

Based on what's been said about the game before, this footage lines up with broad overviews of the multiplayer project shared by Guerrilla Games. When the developer confirmed it was working on a standalone online project, it said it would feature new characters as well as a "unique stylized look." We see Aloy at one point in a pause menu within this gameplay, but it's likely that it's a placeholder using systems already in place elsewhere.