Hot Wheels Unleashed Trailer Shows Off More Cars and Tracks

Milestone and Mattel released a new Hot Wheels Unleashed trailer this week to show off more of the nostalgic racing game including another venue for tracks and more cars. The newest location to be spotlighted is the College Campus, an area in which players can craft courses winding through all of its various rooms. Six additional Hot Wheels vehicles were also revealed in the trailer for collectors to look forward to when the game launches in September.

The College Campus venue can be seen below courtesy of the latest trailer from Milestone, the developers of Hot Wheels Unleashed. It shows the rooms inside a school that's modeled after an American university with cars careening through turns and other parts of the courses.

If you thought you noticed a couple of cars in the trailer that you hadn't seen confirmed for Hot Wheels Unleashed before this week, you weren't mistaken. Six new cars were featured in the trailer including the Street Wiener, Total Disposal, Power Rocket, Skull Crusher, Tanknator, Winning Formula, and Exotique cars. Each of those new cars alongside the College Campus map itself are all now featured on the game's site for players to get closer looks at.

Within that same site, there are promises of more to come in the future regarding both the vehicles and the maps that players will find in the game. In both the "Environments" and the "Cars" sections, there are notices there that say there's "More to come" for both of those categories. There will be six different racing environments for players to build tracks in along with over 60 different vehicles to choose from. There's also a "Track Editor" feature which hasn't even been showcased yet on the site, so expect to see more on that before the game's release as well.


Additional gameplay was revealed previously to show off more of the game. It's currently planned for a release on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and it's scheduled to launch on September 30th.