How to Get League of Legends' Championship Ashe Chroma and Golden Ward

A new Championship skin chroma is coming to League of Legends along with a unique Championship [...]

League of Legends Championship Ashe
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new Championship skin chroma is coming to League of Legends along with a unique Championship ward, but they can only be unlocked through event crafting during Worlds.

The Championship skin this year has been given to Ashe, and a golden chroma, shown above, has already been revealed for the skin as well. While a normal Championship ward also exists, a special golden version will also soon be available much like Ashe's chroma.

But when it comes to getting your hands on these golden counterparts, RP won't be your main avenue to adding them to your collection. Instead, players will have to use special Worlds tokens that'll be available soon in order to craft the limited-time cosmetics.

"You'll see on PBE soon the Championship Ashe Golden Chroma and the 2017 Golden Championship Ward," Riot DontHassleDaHoff said in a recent PBE announcement related to the chroma and ward. "These two items can be unlocked together via the 2017 Worlds Crafting store for 320 Tokens. These items will only be available via the Tokens you can earn during Worlds. At the end of Worlds, we'll be removing these from crafting."

The Rioter also detailed the exclusivity of the two items by saying that they'll be retired after Worlds, so be sure to get them while you can.

"We're making these items legacy to allow those of you that choose to, to have something that shows off that 'you were there' and that you crushed your missions during Worlds," DontHassleDaHoff continued. "These will be rare items, and we realize not everyone will be able to unlock them."

There aren't any additional details on the Worlds tokens and how easy they'll be to achieve, but like previous occasions such as the Vs. and Arcade events, it's expected that these tokens will be earned by completing multiple missions. With the Championship chroma and the special golden ward being only two of the revealed items, players can expect even more options that include ways to support their favorite teams.

It's unclear at the moment whether the items will be unlockable entirely with free missions or if a bit of RP might be required to unlock more missions, and subsequently, additional tokens. More details will come on the Worlds crafting material as we draw closer to the worldwide tournament.